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Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday 11am-9pm

Closed Sundays


   Formed in 2009 by Jamie & Bill, the Upstate Tattoo Company prides itself in being one of Rochester NY’s premier upscale tattoo salon. 


    For years now the concept of the tattoo has undergone significant change. Gone from mainstream ideals are the images of the tattoo as a symbol of the criminal lifestyle. Instead, we now see respected members from our society sporting their own unique and meaningful designs in many different ways. From the successful business leaders of today with tattoos hidden under their suitcoats, to Olympic divers showing off cool tats, we are witnessing a modern day renaissance in the medium of body art. Tattoos not only represent a reflection of a personality, they interact with society in a way that is unmatched by any other art form. A successful tattoo offers insights into where a person has been, where they are today, and where they aspire to be in the future. A successful tattoo can reduce grown men and women to tears with the emotional power they often convey in their meaning.

    People of all shapes and sizes get tattoos. They are special and unique to that person and we pride ourselves in striving to bring out your individuality through our work.

    Whether you come in to add a new image to an already large collection, or you are just looking for that first special one, we want your experience with us to be fun, exciting, and informative. We offer you to view our sterilization techniques as we use the same equipment as hospitals and dentist’s offices. We pride ourselves in providing you with a clean and sterile environment, free from pressure or worry.

    So come in today and talk with one of our experienced artists! We look forward to helping you find that special design!

We NEVER reuse needles. There is currently no legislation mandating that shops in NY state need to dispose of used tattoo needles, so please do your part in supporting our local shops that lead the way in keeping you safe from infectious diseases by safely discarding their used sharps and using only sealed and sterile needles when performing their art.